Fall Worship Series--Wilderness School

Throughout the Bible, we encounter story after story of God using 'teachable moments' to instruct God's people-both individuals and communities-in God's way of living. A 'teachable moment' is that moment when something occurs which lowers the natural defenses we erect and cause us to be open to new information. The ultimate 'teachable moment' is captured for us in scripture in the book of Exodus. The Exodus shares the remarkable story of God using the transformative event of liberation from slavery, which leaves the people searching for a new identity, to form a new people who live God's way in the world. This fall let us join the traveling students in God's wilderness school and learn to live God's way as a witness to the world.

September 10: "The Beginning of Months" Exodus 12:1-14

September 17: "Entering the Wilderness" Exodus 14:19-31

September 24: "Living Lessons" Exodus 16 (selected verses-but preaching from whole chapter)

October 1: World Communion Sunday (we will take a rest from our wilderness classes to join the world at the Table of Grace)

October 8: "Textbook for Life" Exodus 20:1-20

October 15: "Failing the Test" Exodus 32:1-14

October 22: "Assurance" Exodus 33:12-23

October 29: "Living the Lessons Learned" Deuteronomy 34:1-12

Our Academic Year Schedule 

10:00 am Morning Ministry:

Our morining worship gathers in the sanctuary at 10:00 am. Music is led alternating between our beautiful organ and the Steinway piano. Our sanctuary choir provides a variety of musical offerings as well. The format of the service is traditional, but with varying liturgy and worship elements.  Our children begin with us in worship. Following the sermon they travel down to our education wing for Sunday school with our adult teachers. 

Following worship we join together in a coffee/tea fellowship in the Fellowship Hall, quick journey from the sanctuary. The teachers will bring our children up to the fellowship time around 11:15 to meet their parents/guardians. A nutritional snack is provided for them, along with the fellowship foods.

5:00 pm The Gathering Evening Ministry:

The Gathering is a relatively new ministry here at First UMC Oneonta. Worship begins at 5:00 pm in the sanctuary with our awesome band, Crossfire. Lyrics and other details are projected on a big screen and the worship lighting is lower creating an intimate feel in our large space. Following worship is a community meal and educational ministries. See our Gathering page and Education pages.

Holy Communion

We serve Holy Communion normally on the first Sundays of each month and on holy days, such as Christmas, Easter, and           Pentecost. Our Communion bread is gluten free, homemade, and tasty. We are happy to accomodate other allergies, food intolerances, or needs. Simply speak to the pastor or lay leaders. 

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