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Spring Art Class Courses , 2019  at First United Methodist Church, Oneonta, NY

Wednesday mornings, 10-12, the Art Room. Monthly fees for most classes is $30.00 inclusive of materials (note: some modifications, due to additional meeting days or special materials). Payment due at registration. Class size is normally limited to 12 on a first come/first serve basis. Scholarship assistance is available through the Grace Seifert Memorial Art Fund. For application, contact Phil Young (607.433.1169) or Angela Eardley (607.434.2435).

To register call the church office, 607-432-4102, and leave your name and contact information – phone number and email address (if you have one).


January 9, 16, 23, 30: "Rethinking Portraiture" with Nancy Gossett

February 6, 13, 20, 27: “Painting and Collage” with Christine Alexander

March 6, 13, 20, 27: “Exploring Words on Paper” with Hope Von Stengel

April  3, 10, 17, 24: “A Feast in Stain: Sculpture and Other Acrylic Extensions” with Phil Young 

May 1, 8, 15, 22: “Innovative Book Structures” with Nancy Callahan


Class Details:

Rethinking Portraiture: Throughout history and across all genres and styles of art, the portrait is universal in appeal. It is a compelling subject for any artist, from the earliest beginner — indeed from the earliest childhood drawings of artists and non-artists alike — to the most experienced painters. Capturing a “realistic” resemblance appeals to many, and going beyond the realism, into the personality and associations in another’s depiction, is what this course is about. In this four-week workshop, students will work from a photograph of a person of their choosing (bring some to first class), and learn how to distinguish between what our idealizing imaginations and what our objective eyesight, see. A portrait includes, but is not restricted to, what is found in the photo. We will work with charcoal in a study of the image, then if students so choose, they may continue in charcoal or opt to use pastel or conté crayon, to complete a solid portrait that captures likeness, and personality, of a subject. Class size limit: 12

Painting and Collage: Students will create a unique project reflecting their personal interests, aspirations, fears, and dreams. The emphasis is on self-expression using paint and paper. A variety of materials and techniques will be demonstrated and discussed. Students are welcome to bring additional materials if desired. Class is for beginners to advanced. Class size limit: 14

Exploring Words on Paper: This multi-media class employs stamping, collage, hand lettering, journaling, & bookbinding to marry the visual arts with language. Different recycled and handmade papers, gouache, stamps, ink, pencils, and other tools will be utilized to create small journals, stationary, hand written letters, postcards, and more. Class size limit: 12

A Feast in Stain, Sculpture and other acrylic extensions: This is a “crossover” course in acrylics. It will expand work done in stain painting and other manipulations of canvas and other cloth. One option is turning them into solid 3 dimensional forms. demonstration & stretching of canvases from the project will be included. Canvas stretchers can be brought and stretching will be demonstrated. Bring your sketchbooks! Class size limit: 12

Innovative Book Structures: Using playful exploration of simple book forms, Nancy will guide you through the construction of a variety of unique folding patterns & binding techniques to produce numerous innovative book structures. An ideal class for artists, scrap bookers & teachers. No previous book making experiences required. Book designs will differ from those taught in previous courses. Class size limit: 12


About our artists:

Nancy Gossett has supported herself through her art for 25 years. Although she paints interior spaces, city scenes, sky, and land, it is the human body that she paints (and sell!) above all other subjects. The figure, the space the figure is set in, and the play of light and color on the skin, face, hands, the folds of clothing, and the contours around the figure are what bring me back to the portrait, again and again. Her goal, always, is a portrait that appeals universally, with a theme and ‘meaning’ that goes beyond mere resemblance.

Christine Alexander’s work reflects a life-long fascination with color. Often whimsical, her paintings are characteristically brightly hued. She paints in watercolor and acrylic, and makes intricate cut-paper collages.  She has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions, and teaches art and collage workshops. Prior to painting full time, Alexander worked as a graphic designer, photographer, and teacher. She earned a Master’s degree from North Carolina State University, College of Design, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh.

Hope Von Stengel is a lover of language & art. She received her B.A. in English from the University of Oregon and has taken several art classes at Hartwick College.

Phil Young is a local artist & retired art professor at Hartwick College, Oneonta. He leads the committee for this art program and has taught stain painting and sculptural extensions in the past.

Nancy Callahan is retired Professor of Art at State University of New York, Oneonta and has taught several book structure classes in the past. Based on her research and development of unique book & paper structures, she regularly lectures & teaches workshops to artists, teachers & graphic designers from across the nation. 



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